Comparison between GBWhatsapp and Whatsapp Plus

Gbwhatsapp and WhatsApp plus both are modified versions of the original WhatsApp. With the growing use of these messaging apps, curiosity in people is growing to know more about them. Both connect people like never before but have some differences between them. So we give you detailed information about both, So it is easy to choose between them according to your preferences and choices.

WhatsApp Plus vs GBWhatsApp

GBWhatsapp Vs WhatsApp Plus :

On comparing apps like gbWhatsApp and WhatsApp plus users find uniqueness as well as distinction between them but the distinction aren’t major. Both are developed by third-party developers and they offer many customization features which are not available on the official WhatsApp. Both modified versions provide you with many additional features along with features that are already available on the original WhatsApp. E.g. changing themes, fonts, etc. The factors that help you decide which version you want to use totally depend upon your personal choice.

The better choice between WhatsApp GB and WhatsApp Plus?

Honestly, No one can tell you which one is best between the both until you yourself use the app. Many similar features are available on both versions. For this reason, thousands of people around the globe use these modified versions even knowing they have the risk of account banning and suspension.

Similarities in Gbwhatsapp and WhatsApp Plus:

Here are the key similarities between both GB WhatsApp and WhatsApp plus we will discuss them one by one.

  • Media Sharing: Both versions offer sending maximum files sharing videos, and audio. Through these versions, you can send and receive many important documents, videos, and audio from your near and dear.
  • Dual account: Both offer the feature of a dual account on the same phone or device. You can use these secondary modified versions of gb wa and Whatsapp plus along with official WhatsApp on one device. As we can say both coexist on the same phone.
  • Customization: These versions have the same offer customization People can customize according to their choices. These include themes, font styles, etc. Users can simply customize their experience of WhatsApp to match according to preferences and create a unique look of WhatsApp for themselves.
  • User interface: Both offer a similar user interface to official Whatsapp. People can easily navigate through chat contacts that would be on the original Wa. This familiarity of modified versions with official Whatsapp can help the user who wants to switch from official to modified versions.
  • Enhanced and Advanced privacy options: GbWhatsapp and Whatsapp Plus offer a wide variety of enhanced features that are not available on the original Whatsapp. These versions surpass the original Whatsapp in many features. They provide additional control over privacy options like hiding online status and hiding double-blue checks. Users can hide online status while typing this means the recipient of the message does not know that you are typing a message which is the amazing feature of these modified versions.
  • Great Control over application settings: Both Whatsapp offer great control over applications such as archived chats, two-step verification, block, and report, etc.
  • Chat customization: Both Whatsapp offers Chat customization by using different colors and custom themes and chat styles you can make your chat visually unique. Changing color is available for chat use changes according to their will.
  • Message scheduler: This a unique feature of Gb Whatsapp and Whatsapp Plus that isn’t available on Official Whatsapp. You can set a specific time and date for delivering a message. On specific dates and times, Whatsapp Plus and GBWhatsapp can automatically send the message without manual intervention. These features are very helpful for sending birthday wishes and reminders for meetings
  • Anti-ban features: Both these versions aim to provide anti-ban features so that the risk of banning by Official WhatsApp can be reduced.

Difference between GBWhatsapp and Whatsapp plus

  • Development team: Both these versions are developed by different teams of developers. So they both contain different features and updates.
  • Different user interface: Both offer the same and identical user interface but there are some small details like the navigation bar and button design which make them different from each other.
  • Different themes: Both versions offer different themes to their users which are different from each other.
  • Chat customization options: Whatsapp Plus offers more emoticons and people can use them according to their likes and dislikes. Chat customization options may vary according to updates and versions of Whatsapp.

Advantages of GBWhatsApp over WhatsApp Plus :

Although they both are modified versions of the original WhatsApp, Gbwhatsapp has some advantages over WhatsApp Plus. GbWhatsApp users receive updates more Frequently than WhatsApp Plus users. These updates include the fixation of bugs, enhancement of security, and many new features.

Gbwhatsapp has a large user community as compared to WhatsApp Plus which means they have more people who can take care for you if you face any difficulty using GB WhatsApp. keep in mind that we are talking about the two best versions of WhatsApp so the competition between them is tough. Now it’s up to you and your preferences regarding which version you want to install on your Smartphone. GB WhatsApp and WhatsApp plus both have merits and demerits. The decision is your which one will you embrace. Now your preferences and take the decision wisely.

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