GBWhatsApp Pro and YoWhatsApp: Comparison & Differences

Just like GBWhatsapp Pro, Yo WhatsApp is another popular version of the original WhatsApp. YoWhatsapp provided users with customization options, beautiful themes, and a secure environment.

In this article, we will guide the users who want to know what are the similarities and differences between the GBWhatsApp and YoWhatsapp.

There are very few differences between these WhatsApp MODs when the user compares them extensively.

GBWhatApp and YoWhatsapp are mods of official WhatsApp developed by third-party developers. Both have the same script.

Regardless of the version, All mods are for the messaging service so the core feature is the same in all mods of WhatsApp. Customization of an App depends upon the user but wait let me tell you one thing Yo WhatsApp provides more customization to its users than GB WhatsApp. Users can set the featured app according to their choice.


What is GBWhatsApp Pro:

Among all the versions of Whatsapp, GbWhatsapp Pro is known as the most used version of the app. GBWhatsApp Pro is nowadays a famous version of WhatsApp official.

WhatsApp is owned by Meta. But when Meta came to know about the modded version of the app in the form of GBWhatsApp then they got gb WhatsApp’s old version disabled which disappointed many users of the app.

Then after some time, the developers came up with the upgraded version of the GB known as GBWhatsapp Pro.

GB Pro provides an extendable privacy option, unlimited file sharing, dual file sharing, etc.

It is an upgraded enhanced version of the original WhatsApp. This version can help you with intuitive design, and cool advancement. It adds a great experience to your world of social apps.

When comparing different modes of WhatsApp, gbwhatsapp is always the first choice of the user. Let’s Now shift our focus towards YoWhatsapp because we have to compare both. YoWhatsApp is the strong competitor of gbWhatsApp Pro.

What is YoWhatsapp?

YoWhatsApp is another famous mod of WhatsApp developed by the person Yousaf Al Basha. Yo WhatsApp is recommended as must use the modified app in XDA forums

YowhatsApp is another name for it. YoWhatsApp provided many infinite numbers of themes in its library to the user of the app. This app comes with amazing font ideas and icons. Users can keep their data safe. YoWhatsApp contains Anti ban features.

In this article up till now we try our level best to tell you about the key differences between the gb and yo WhatsApp. All we can say is that all the versions have the same script, features, and themes the only difference is in their name.

Similarities and Differences Between GBWhatsApp Pro and YoWhatsapp

First, we will talk about the key differences we have found upon comparing gbwhatsapp Pro and YoWhatsApp.


  • GBWhatsapp does have its own library of themes but Yo WhatsApp provides these features to its users. The themes library can be accessed by the users of the app. YoWhatsApp user has an edge over gb user according to this available function. You find all the gb pro themes and many other unique themes in the Yowhatsapp library.
  • YoWhatsapp and gb have the same notification features but one key difference is in the color of YoWhatsapp notification icon. YoWhatsapp has a purple color notification icon.


Let us talk about the similarities that both mods have in common.

  • GBWhatsapp Pro and YoWhatsapp both have dark and light modes available.
  • Both Whatsapp provides the option of downloading status, videos and photos.
  • GBWhatsapp and YoWhatsapp both have the function of auto reply and message scheduler.
  • It provides a customized interface. You can customize the features of the app according to your choices.
  • YoWhatsapp and gbwhatsapp Pro contain privacy options like hiding the blue tick, hiding the status seen, and hiding the double tick.
  • You can save the privacy of chats by applying fingerprint, pattern, and pin lock to your app.
  • These WhatsApp modes contain anti-ban features. You can use your account without being worried about banning of account.
  • Both WhatsApp contains emoji, themes, and stickers.

Conclusion: Which One to Choose between the both

This is a difficult question to answer. I might say that the choice of app depends upon user preferences. Users can choose according to their priority. We have guided you about both apps now it depends upon you which app you want to use for your daily life messaging experience. Have a good day!

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