How To Do GBWhatsApp Pro Backup with Google Drive (Restore Backup)

Backup and restoring GBWhatsApp Pro is a straightforward process. No doubt GBWhatsApp Pro is one the famous and renowned Mod apps created by third-party developers used all over the world on a significant level.

As we know that GBWhatsApp Pro provides enhanced unlimited features as compared to the official version of Whatsapp.

People enjoy the best features of the app but they need to learn how to back up and restore data from Google drive.

Just keep scrolling through the blog you will get extra information from it and your problem will be resolved.

How to Do GB WhatsApp Backup with Google Drive

What is GBWhatsApp Pro and How it is different from official WhatsApp

Getting comprehensive details about the source of the problem is necessary before trying to resolve it.

The first thing you need to know is what GBWhatsApp Pro is if you don’t have information regarding it.

We would tell you that GBWhatApp Pro is the mod version of official WhatsApp developed by a third-party developer for the user who wants to enjoy extra features and make their experience wholesome.

There is a lot of difference between GBWhatsApp Pro and official WhatsApp including customization, privacy enhancements, removing limitations, and providing a range of extensive resources to make it appealing to users.

If you get bored with official Whatsapp due to limited features and privacy then GBWhatApp Pro is for you. You can use GbWhatsApp Pro with any Android version.

How to create a GBWhatsApp Pro Data Backup on Google Drive?

In case after downloading it you face a problem in creating a GBwhatsApp Pro data backup and want to know the solution then this article is for you.

Firstly, let me tell you Google does not support third app developers’ Modes because some of the terms and conditions of Google are violated.

It is worth noting that Google has disabled the option of back and restore on the cloud servers option for GBWhatApp Pro users, While Attempting to do so a message showing warning appears on the window showing that you are using a MOD version of WhatsApp on which data do not end to end encrypted. Therefore you cant restore and backup data from Google Drive.

So what is the solution? If Google does not support restoring and backup options you do not need to be worried.

By following the process listed below you can easily create a backup and restore data from Google drive

Method of Creating GBWhatsApp Pro Data Backup And Restoring

The best method to do back and restore is of GBWhatsApp folder on your Internal storage We would guide you through easy steps that do not take much time of yours and provide you with a detailed procedure even for beginners.

Step 1: Backing up GBWhatsApp Pro data

  • First, open the GBWhatsApp Pro on your device.
  • Tap on the three dots menu icon.
  • From the drop-down menu select the option of settings.
  • Go to the chat option by clicking on the three-dot menu in the settings option.
  • Tap on the chat backup option which starts backing up all your data.
  • Open the file manager app and search the GBWhatsApp Pro folder in the Internal storage.
  • Copy and paste this folder into downloads in the Internal storage.

You can easily now uninstall and reinstall the app because you have copied all the backup data into the download folder.

You can easily follow the steps listed below to restore the backup data.


GBWhatsApp Pro Settings
GBWhatsApp Pro Chats Backup
Internal Storage GBWhatsApp Folder
GBWhatsApp Folder Copy To Downloads

Step 2: Restoring GBWhatsApp Pro Data

After doing step 1 now you need to do step 2 for restoring the data that you backup previously. The steps are simple and easy to follow just make through the steps given below to make that happen.

  • First, Tap on the link to download the latest version if you already have it then skip it.
  • Don’t open GBWhatsApp Pro after installing.
  • Go to the file manager app Open the download folder where you already copied the GBWhatsApp folder.
  • Paste the folder into internal storage.
  • Open GBWhatsApp Pro and tap on Agree and Continue Options. (Don’t click on the restore option)
  • Fill in the details of the region and your Whatsapp number for the process of verification by GBWhatsApp Pro.
  • Allow all the important permission such as contacts and messages.
  • Enter a one-time password for verification of your WhatsApp account.
  • Tap ok on the prompt saying that you are using the Modded version of WhatsApp and can’t use Google Drive.
  • After that backup found a message popup on the screen. Tap on the green button to restore as shown in the image below.


Download GBWhatsApp Pro APK
Install GBWhatsApp Pro APK Latest
Copy GBWhatsApp Folder
Internal Storage GBWhatsApp Folder
GBWhatsApp Pro Agree and Continue
GBWhatsApp Pro Add Phone Number
Allow GBWhatsApp
Verify Official WhatsApp
WhatsApp Tap on Restore Backup
WhatsApp Restoring Backup

After getting back to the GBWhatsApp Pro interface, you find all the themes, customization, and features in the interface in the same manner where you have left before.

After reading this detailed guide you would be able to do the process of how you can backup GbWhatsApp chat to Google Drive. The procedure is simple. As you can see You don’t require technical knowledge to get the job done.

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