How to Add Stickers in GBWhatsApp Pro

GBWhatsApp stickers 2023 offers a more versatile variety of stickers and emojis. You won’t believe that WhatsApp offers thousands of stickers to its users.

Chatting with your friends became exciting and fun using GBWhatsApp stickers. Unleash the power of personalized stickers on GBWhatsApp.

Explore Hundreds of Thousands of Stickers Designed by Top Graphic Artists in the WhatsApp Community.

Discover a diverse selection of GB sticker packages and elevate your messaging experience. Discover funny, religious, Bollywood, friendship, and love-themed stickers suitable for multiple occasions. No need to Create Your Own – Get the Best Stickers from Third-Party Developers.

How to Add Stickers in GBWhatsApp Pro

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Skip the hassle of creating your own stickers. The application of gbStickers offers many varieties of stickers, just like you see in the image below. Select Your Preferred Sticker Package and Easily Integrate it with GBWhatsApp Pro APK

How to Add stickers in GBWhatsApp Pro

We will provide you with three different methods for adding stickers to your chat in GBWhatsApp Pro. We will discuss them one by one.

Method 1: Using GBStickers Android App

One of the exciting and unique ways to add stickers on GBWhatsApp Pro is by using the third-party app called GBstickers Apk.

Third-party developers develop this Android app and offer sticker packs in various genres.

Furthermore, this method is simple. You simply need to download and install the GBStickers Apk app on your smartphone. Once installed, open the app and search for your favorite genre to access a collection of sticker packs associated with that genre.

You can first download the link provided for the latest version of the GBStickers APK app and then follow the steps to add those stickers.

Steps to Add Stickers on GBWhatsApp Pro by GBStickers App

  •  Tap on the link provided to download GBstickers Apk to your phone.
  • Access the File Manager and locate the folder where you’ve downloaded the Tap on the file with GBStickers Maker app Icon.
  • Next, tap on the install button to initialize the process installation.
  • Now initiate the GBstickers APK on your phone and start exploring for your preferred sticker pack effortlessly.
  • Select stickers based on your preferences from the list and easily add them by tapping the ‘+’ icon.
  • Select the “Add to GBWhatsApp” tab, and you will be redirected to GBWhatsApp Pro with your desired sticker packs.


Download GBStickers Maker App
Install GBStickers Maker App
Installing GBStickers Maker App
Open GBStickers Maker App
GBStickers Maker App Choose Stickers from the List
GBStickers Maker App Add Stickers To GBWhatsApp Pro

Unlock a world of sticker packs with this app, enabling you to download any pack you choose effortlessly. Rest assured, this application prioritizes user privacy, making it entirely safe for privacy-conscious users.

Additionally, if you prefer not to use third-party apps, you can manually add stickers from your messages using the alternative method below GBstickers APK to continue effortlessly

Method 2: Adding Stickers Directly From The Message Box

Enhance your GBWhatsApp Pro experience by adding stickers directly from the Message box. This second method offers seamless convenience, eliminating the requirement for external sticker apps. Enjoy a hassle-free sticker integration process within GBWhatsApp Pro.

This method only allows you to access the official stickers or the stickers sent by your close friends. Unlike the previous options, the available stickers here are in limited variety. If you are ok with this option, follow the procedure below to add them quickly.

  • Get started by opening GBWhatsApp Pro on your smartphone
  • Next, seamlessly navigate to your desired chat, where you can effortlessly send these delightful stickers
  • Tap on the sticker that a profile or group sent. Simply tap on the Add to Favorite option.
GBStickers Maker App Open GBWhatsApp Pro
GBStickers Maker App Send Stickers
GBStickers Maker App Add Stickers To Favourite

Now you can use this sticker in any of your chats or make it your favorite by simply tapping on it and adding it to your favorites.

Later if you want to choose official WhatsApp stickers, you can try the steps below.

  • Open the GBWhatsApp Pro app and open any chat from the list.
  • After opening GBWhatsApp Pro, tap on the emoji icon, and select your preferred sticker icon from the list.
  • After opening, you will already see a group of stickers added.
  • Tap on the ‘+’ option to choose among many stickers.
  • You would see a wide variety of stickers packed. Tap on any choice of yours to download that sticker pack and get it to download super quickly.
GBStickers Maker App Send Stickers
GBStickers Maker App Choose Stickers
GBStickers Maker App Stickers Packs

GBStickers Pros

  • Different types of stickers include funny, sad, angry, or cute.
  • The application is easy to use and is suitable for all ages.

GBStickers Cons

  • The size of the application is not small compared to other sticker applications.
  • This app only works on GBWhatsApp and not on any other version.
  • To save the stickers, the app requires an internet connection.


No, it is a third-party-developed application.

Yes, You can freely download and install GBStickers for seamless usage.

To delete a sticker pack, simply tap on a sticker icon, navigate to my stickers option, and locate the delete option at the top. Tap on it to remove the sticker pack effortlessly.


GBWhatsApp has innovatively introduced the Sticker feature to elevate the user’s chatting experience. Now with the help of GB Sticker and Personal Sticker apps, users can explore and use a wide range of stickers and create them according to their needs.

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