How to schedule messages on GBWhatsapp Pro

Gb WhatsApp is the advanced category of official WhatsApp. The main advantage of using Android is the installation of modified and latest versions through these apps. When we talk about apk these versions contain features and additional functionality that are not available on official WhatsApp and official sites.

How to schedule messages on GBWhatsApp Pro

By enabling the installation of APKs, Android provides users with more flexibility and freedom as compared to other operating systems. When we talk about modified applications one of the best and most amazing apps is GB WhatsApp Pro. GB WhatsApp has extra cool features that regular WhatsApp does not have. WhatsApp gives its user the right to schedule its message according to their convenience. GBWhatsApp Pro lets them personalize their messaging experience and also provides extra control over the app. GB WhatsApp is a treat for users who want to enjoy the use of the app to the fullest.

How to send a message in GB Whatsapp Pro

This feature of GB WhatsApp Pro helps you to set a specific time and date for sending a message automatically when you are not available. Let’s say you want to send a reminder for a business meeting or want to send a birthday wish to a friend and you are not available at that exact time. By using the Gb WhatsApp apk version you can send the message automatically.

You have to follow the following steps

  • First, install GB Whatsapp on your phone then tap on it to open.
  • Open gb setting by clicking on the dot menu at the top right side.
  • Then a drop-down menu will appear, tap on the message scheduler.
  • Select the desired contact. We would also select the date, time, and messages.
  • At the button on the screen, you would see a “ + ”. Tap on it.
  • After filling in the necessary detail then tap on the check button at the bottom.

What is the process to scheduling Auto-reply in GB WhatsApp Pro

Sometimes in our daily life, there may be a situation in which we have to send a reply urgently. GB Whatsapp Pro is your go-to app. We will guide you through simple explanations and steps on how you can set this feature on your device that will help you to inform your near and dear through auto-replies in your daily routine.

Following are the steps you need to proceed.

  • Open gb setting by clicking on the dot menu at the top right side.
  • Enable the Auto-reply option.
  • A new window appears click on the “ + “ button at the bottom.
  • In this window, we have to configure a message. Configure the targeted keyword you want to add. For example, traveling, driving, or in a meeting.
  • Set the content of a message.
  • Set the schedule of a message.
  • Save this to activate the auto-reply option.

This feature is very helpful. It offers many advantages like flexibility, convenience, and time management.

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