How to Use GBWhatsApp Pro and How it Works

GBWhatsApp Pro claims that the mod version of the app provides additional features along with the features of the official WhatsApp. GbWhatsApp Pro has a highly good user interface. Users change the way of messaging by using the customized modified version. It is a risk to your privacy when you are using the mod version of any app.

There are many versions of WhatsApp available like Fm, Yo, plus series, and GB version. Now we talk about the most used and renowned version of WhatsApp Mods which is called the GB version.

In this entire article, we will tell you about the working style of GBWhatsApp Pro and how you can get interesting additional features on your device.

Even this blog guide helps beginner users of the app. Just keep scrolling below and you will find very informative information through the blog if you worry about how to use GBWhatsapp.

How to Use GBWhatsApp Pro and How it Works

What is GBWhatsApp Pro?

Before moving forward we will tell you What is meant by GBWhatsApp Pro. GBWhatApp is a Mod created by using the source codes and servers of the official app.

GBWhatsapp Pro is the second version of the series after the first version which is called GBWhatsapp got disabled by the meta server.

GB WhatsApp provides additional and advanced functions to its users, Which is why GBWhatsApp Pro became the number one choice of users of official Whatsapp.

Users are very honored that these modes offer advantages that no one has experienced yet.

How Does GBWhatsapp Pro Work ?

GBWhatsapp Pro principle of working is just like official Whatsapp. It provides all the same functions as an official app like call, voice message, status, and video call service.

It is an upgraded version of the official WhatsApp and was developed after Meta put restrictions on the GB version of the app.

By using the steps given below you can enhance the features of the app by going through them thoroughly.


Chatting is one of the features of GBWhatsApp Pro and you can say WhatsApp is all about messaging services.

First, we will tell you about official chatting features then we will further guide you about the advanced changes you can do in your chat to make it fun. Let’s get to the point.

  • After making an account on GBWhatsApp Pro Click on the icon of the message just like you see in the image below to send a message to someone.
  • Now choose an account with whom you want to initiate a chat then tap on it.
  • Click on the send button. Your message will be delivered successfully.
GBWhatsApp Pro Send Messages
Choose Contacts GBWhatsApp Pro
GBWhatsApp Pro Message Sent

Futuristic chatting

Futuristic chatting until now we explained to you about chatting very well. Now we will talk about advanced chatting with the help of additional features in the GBWhatsApp Pro.

  • A scheduler message option is available.
  • Can revoke the deleted messages.
  • Time can be saved by the automation option of the message.
  • Provide the function of blue tick and double tick.
  • Can add on the double tab.
  • Easily search is available for relevant images.


Calling is the next most widely used feature of the WhatsApp mod. WhatsApp is widely used for calling because it is free of cost users don’t need to spend a penny on it. Users do not have a need to spend money on prepaid call packages when they have the opportunity for a free call.

  • After verification of the GBWhatsapp Pro account, swipe to the call tab as shown in the picture below.
  • Now click on the call option.
  • Now choose the contact whom you want to make a call. A call could be video or audio.

You can also see the option of call on the top of the respective chat of the contact. You would also find audio and video call options on the contacts page’s top wall.

GBWhatsApp Pro Calls
GBWhatsApp Pro Tap On Call Icon
Choose Contact To Call Or Video Call GBWhatsApp Pro

Futuristic Calling

GBWhatsApp Pro comes with two advanced features that are.

  • You can change the call of voice by voice changing feature.
  • The whole history of the call is deleted by tapping on a single button.


We want to keep friends updated about daily life moments through the status of the Whatsapp app. The process is very easy for uploading status on an App.

Through the following steps, you can easily update the status on GBWhatApp Pro.

  1. First, open a GBwhatsApp Pro app on your phone then navigate to the status section of the app.
  2. You can easily upload your status by clicking on the My Status option.
  3. You can easily view the status of anyone by clicking on their status.
  4. You can put privacy on your status too if you don’t want to share it with many people. You can upload video images etc. Depending on your status.
GBWhatsApp Pro Status Section
GBWhatsApp Pro Status Share
GBWhatsApp Pro Status Features

Futuristic Status feeding

Whatsapp status is another excellent feature of the GBWhatsApp pro and developers are working hard to make it more exciting.

  • You can send videos for more than 30 sec to up to 1 minute.
  • With anti-delete status, you would be able to view the deleted status of anyone.
  • You can create caption status with new color codes.
  • You can download the status and can also even copy the caption of anyone.
  • Privacy of status got improved. No one knows you have viewed their status until you tap on the blue tick button on their status. In this way, your privacy is maintained.

Privacy & Security

When using a social media app our first concern is to keep our data safe and keep our security and privacy.

While using an app if someone keeps knowing about your last seen, status, blue ticks, and double ticks then it is a threat to your privacy and the worst thing with the app.

Whatsapp only offers end-to-end encrypted messages service nothing more.

Futuristic Privacy and Security

Now we will guide you further and provide you a list of privacy and security features of GBWhatsapp Pro that does have on official Whatsapp.

  • You can view the status of anyone and keep it in hide mode; they will only get to know if you click on a double tick on their status.
  • You can freeze your last-seen timing.
  • You can Hide important and confidential chats.
  • The app is provided with an inbuilt lock.
  • You can hide read messages and voice recording indicators.
  • Able to remove the forward label from the forwarded messages.
  • You can hide the media of Whatsapp from the gallery of the phone.
  • You can make the unlock pattern visible and delete vibrations.
  • You will be able to show the blue tick of the message after the reply.


Eventually, people who are using WhatsApp for the first time get bored due to its light and dark interface.

This is one of the drawbacks of the official app but now GBWhatsApp Pro comes with customization features so you can change the interface to your choice.

Futuristic Customization

Now moving further we will tell you about the customization features that the GBWhatsApp provided in the list below.

  • Many themes are available for the best design of the app.
  • New wallpapers are available on Wallpaper Plus.
  • By tapping a single you can change the themes from light to dark.
  • Can be able to customize the background, status bar, and navigation bar.
  • Themes can restore and reset.
  • You can create different themes with perfect sizes and colors.
  • You can choose different emojis, launcher icons, and navigation icons.
  • You can customize the interface headers, footers, and wallpapers by applying different colors.

Best Advantage: Using Two WhatsApp Accounts Simultaneously

In this article now we will talk about the advantages of using GBWhatsApp Pro. The biggest advantage is operating two accounts on the same phone at the same time.

Once in a lifetime, everyone thought of creating a dual account, one for professional use and the other for friends and family.

Two GBWhatsApp Pro using App Cloner

GB WhatsApp is the app you can use for this particular thing. Just Install GBWhatsApp Pro on your phone and you need two sim cards for the activation of a dual account on a smartphone.

You need to create a new account with a different number to use in GBWhatsApp Pro because you can’t use the same account in two different versions of Whatsapp on the same phone at the same time.

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