How to Transfer Messages from GBwhatsApp to WhatsApp

Our aim is to keep things simple and straightforward for the people. In the article, we will provide you guidelines for the easiest way to transfer your messages from gbwhatsapp to official WhatsApp like a pro.

If a user wants to get back to their official WhatsApp account and wants to main account security these guidelines help them to smooth the transition from GB messages.

How to Transfer GBWhatsApp Pro Messages to WhatsApp

This process hardly takes a few moments for the transfer of data From GBWhatsApp to official WhatsApp. By following the guidelines users can also transfer their media files along with and then you will be able to use your official WhatsApp account again.

Rapid view of GBWhatsApp Pro:

Before moving further I will give you a quick review of GBWhatsApp Pro and how it is different from other versions of GBWhatsApp

GB Version of Whatsapp mods has rich and updated features for the user. Now people want diversity in their experience of using modified apps.

GBWhatsApp Pro offers customization and features therefore users are attracted to it. These features are not available on other messaging apps.

Method to Transfer GBWhatsApp Pro Messages to WhatsApp:

We Will provide different methods which we find beneficial for transferring messages from GBwhatsapp Pro to WhatsApp official.

If you want to switch from ulta beneficial gbwhatsapp Pro to official WhatsApp then this step is yours we are only here to guide you through the transition.

Following are methods you can choose according to your condition and ease.

Method 1: Renaming the GbWhatsApp Folder as WhatsApp

This method does not require an extra pc or phone you can simply get done with your phone.

This method cant be used for the transfer of data from Android phones to iPhone iOS. Go to step 2 directly skipping step 1 if you are looking for a transfer of data from Android to iOS.

Steps to transfer GBWhatsApp Pro messages to WhatsApp

Step 1: Backup Data From GbWhatsapp Pro to Local Storage

  • First open GBWhatsApp pro on your phone
  • To access the setting click on the three-dot menu.
  • Now you tap on the settings option
  • Tap on the chat section option under the setting option.
  • Scroll down you will see the chat backup option click on it soon the backup would start.
  • After completing this step now you can proceed to open the File Manager.
  • Click on the internal storage folder to open it and look for the GBwhatsapp folder.
  • Simply copy this folder to download folders on your device.
  • Click on the download folder to open and rename the GBWhatsApp folder to WhatsApp. Rename all the folders of GBWhatsapp to WhatsApp. For Example: GBWhatsApp documents to WhatsApp documents, GBWhatsApp images to WhatsApp images.

Screenshot’s of Step1:

GBWhatsApp Pro Settings

GBWhatsapp Setting

Chat Backup

Internal Storage GBWhatsApp Folder

File Manager

Select Folder to Copy

Rename Folder

Step 2: Transfer data to official WhatsApp

By following the above procedure you have got backup in your phone. Now we will guide you further on how to restore that data on your phone. Follow the steps below to restore that data on WhatsApp.

  • Open the Google play store on your phone and install Official WhatsApp on your phone just like we did in the image.
  • Before opening the app, firstly open the file manager and find the download folder where all your data of GBWhatsApp is saved in the form of a backup folder.
  • Copy and paste the folder in which you do backup to the main storage.
  • Now open the official app of WhatsApp on your phone.
  • Now fill in the necessary verification details like Whatsapp number and password.
  • Whatsapp asks for permission from you to proceed further. Allow all permissions.
  • Skip the step of Google finding a backup window. Don’t give that permission.
  • After a short wait, a message appeared on the screen showing backup found.
  • Tap on the Restore option. Wait for a while
  • You have done all steps and successfully transferred your data from GBWhatsApp to Official WhatsApp.

Screenshot’s of Step2:

GBWhatsApp Pro Settings

Open Official WhatsApp

Open Backup Folder

Internal Storage GBWhatsApp Folder

Copy Folder

Open App

Verify Folder

Backup Restore

Restoring Backup

Method 2: Using iCareFone Transfer Tool on Pc (Transferring Message to a New Device)

Suppose you want to transfer data from one device to another phone then this method worked for you.

The choice of doing this process with iOS and Android depends upon you. All you need is the iCareFone tool installed on your phone and a USB data cable. Follow the steps given below.

Download iCareFone Software
  • Then open the software you will see a window showing different versions of Whatsapp on your screen. Tap on GBWhatsApp as you are transferring messages from GBWhatsApp to the official WhatsApp.
  • After that connect both your devices. Your first phone with GBWhatsApp and second with WhatsApp.
  • iCareFone soon finds your device and shows a specific model on the screen. Choose the option of transferring from gbwhatsapp to official WhatsApp.
  • Tap on the transfer button and then follow the step that shows on the screen.
  • Tap on the continue button for the smooth transfer of data.
  • iCareFone searches for data that needs to be transferred to other Phones. Make sure you choose all the data that need to be transferred like images, messages, and documents.
  • Simply click on the “continue“ option.
  • It may take a while and iCareFone will restore data to the selected device.
  • After a few moments then a message pops up that shows the data transferred successfully.

We make sure to explain to you in a very comfortable manner through this article. Hope so steps get clear to you if you face any difficulty ask for help we are here for your ease.

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